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A Comparison of Two World Leaders

Symbols of Modern Leadership: Lee Kuan Yew of Modern Singapore versus Adolf Hitler, a Prominent Aggressor of World War II They state history must not rehash itself particularly when it includes loss of lives, pulverization of property and disturbance in the conveyance of essential administrations to individuals including connections. In this paper, previous Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and Fuhrer and Chancellor Adolf Hitler have been picked as viable World Leaders whose accomplishments, regardless of whether positive or negative, have been distinguished to incredibly affect numerous existences of individuals around the world.This paper isn't to condemn them whether they have become fortunate or unfortunate pioneers of the past. What is being investigated is the means by which powerful these pioneers have been in doing their objectives, procedures, and so forth and the exercises that must be educated. The procedures, available resources both used to accomplish their objecti ves may have been absolutely complete opposites or diverse dependent on their convictions, way of doing, decisions, and so forth. However, for a certain something, the two chiefs longed for amicability, harmony, solidarity and progress for their country.The distinction is the means by which they executed that fantasy. The two heads have left huge various recollections, one of which is the extraordinary holocaust started by Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and an effective monster jump of financial reclamation of Singapore from a Third World nation to turn into an Asian Tiger nation inside the three many years of Lee Kuan Yew’s rule. Every pioneer conveyed huge changes that have the right to be called incredible symbols throughout the entire existence of world leaders.Adolf Hitler who was the purpose behind the episode of World War II and Lee Kuan Yew who changed Singapore from a Third World nation to another Asian Tiger nation, have been picked and compared to become familiar with the sim ilitudes and differences of their characteristics and styles as pioneers just as how their rules carried effect on the world. Credited to Hitler’s accomplishments were as per the following: â€Å"awarded the Iron Cross, First Class in December 1914 (an uncommon improvement for grit in real life to a corporal)† (Hitler,A. , 2011); â€Å"annexation of Austria and Sudetenland† (Chen, P. 2012); composed the book ‘Mein Kampf’ (which means My Struggle) where it was an enemy of Semitic, hostile to Communist revilement illustrating his system for changing Germany and turning into a vanquishing power all through Europe† (Harkavy, 1996). â€Å"By 1938 Hitler had made Germany the most impressive and dreaded nation in Europe (and maybe in the world)† (Hitler, A. , 2011). â€Å"Majority of the German individuals bolstered him since they saw during his initial authority amazingly how joblessness for all intents and purposes vanished, the rising flou rishing of the majority, the new social foundations and the expansion of German renown in the 1930’s.All these accomplishments of Hitler were unmatched in the narratives of other present day authoritarian dictatorship†(Hitler, A. 2011). Then again, accomplishments credited to Yew include: reclamation of Singapore from a Third World Country to turn into an Asian Tiger nation presently lined up with other rich Asian nations like Japan, Hongkong, and Taiwan. Singapore is presently a jealousy of many neighboring Asian nations. Of Lee Kuan Yew’s remarkable accomplishments, destruction of debasement was begrudged by numerous ASEAN countries on the grounds that ‘Corruption’ has in every case since a long time ago been related with Third World Asian nations.Other accomplishments incorporate the significant â€Å"increase in the expectations for everyday comforts (Loh,K. 2011)† in this nation: â€Å"As Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew managed an exponenti al increment in Singapore's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from US$704 million of every 1960 to US$38 billion of every 1990. This figure as of now remains at US$222 billion, or more than multiple times its level in 1960. Changing for average cost for basic items contrasts, Singapore's GDP per capita was positioned 3rdâ globally by the International Monetary Fund in 2010† (Loh, K, 2011).Evidently, everyone saw the distinction of how improved Singapore is today from the 1960’s. Presently Singapore will consistently be compared and connected with the name of Lee Kuan Yew, the dad of Singapore. Breaking down intently, the closest likeness saw from the two heads is that the two of them grasped the style of extremist autocracy during their rules. Different similitudes noted include: both became rousing pioneers to the a large number of their particular constituents.For Hitler, his activities joined dominant part of the Germans and Austrians albeit some state this remains const ant before his request for mass executions for the Jews. It was likewise noticed that the two chiefs began their political professions by heading the Popular Party of their masses: Hitler turned into an unmistakable pioneer of National Socialist German Working Party (Nazi) while Yew additionally turned into a solid chief of Singapore’s People’s Action Party (PAP). They additionally had one dream, that is. to accomplish â€Å"peace, amicability and solidarity just as progress† for their nation as well as for the entire world.Both have reclaimed their nations from financial downturn to monetary recuperation and proceeded with progress. Both have demonstrated upgrades on the lives of their kin as well as on arrangements, economy and clearly on the general advancement of their separate nations. â€Å"How did Adolf Hitler who, as per Professor Jeremy Noakes, was only a stray and a bombed craftsman, gotten one of the most ruinous political pioneers in the twentieth c entury? † (Noakes, 2011). Hitler struggled during his initial regular citizen life. At the point when his dad kicked the bucket, he and his mom were left with insufficient benefits and investment funds which is the motivation behind why he never progressed past his optional education† (Hitler, A. , 2011). This might be one of the extraordinary contrasts between the two. Yew’s family unit was in an ideal situation than Hitler’s in light of the fact that Lee Kuan Yew was capable â€Å"to get training at Raffles College in Singapore and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, England. He began as a legal advisor, established the People’s Action Party in Singapore and turned into the Secretary General† (Yew, 2010).This made ready to Yew’s political profession. Then again, Hitler grasped the military which made ready to his ascent to control. As needs be, â€Å"He welcomed the war with excitement, as an incredible alleviation from the disappointmen t and aimlessness of his non military personnel life. He discovered control and comradeship fulfilling and was affirmed in his conviction about the gallant ethics of war. He involved two situations during his rule, as Chancellor (Kanzler) and as Fuehrer of Germany covering 1933 to 1945† (Hitler, A. , 2011).A particular distinction is the leader’s conviction. At the early piece of his life, Hitler built up a solid segregation for the Jews. Certain occasions throughout his life have driven him to create solid enemy of Semitism or scorn for the Jews. Lee Kuan Yew grasped the lessons of Confucius. Another distinction is that Hitler alone had his intrinsic own exceptional initiative style while Lee Kuan Yew’s was enormously propelled by Machiavellian virtu as he refered to: â€Å"Between being adored and being dreaded, I have consistently trusted Machiavelli was right.If no one fears me, I’m meaningless (Lee Kuan Yew, 6. 10. 1997)† (Gordon, n. d. ). Co ntrasting the two chiefs based on the greatness and inclusion or degree of each leader’s contribution and effect, Adolf Hitler might be viewed as the best head since probably the best accomplishment among others is having the extraordinary lion's share of Germans and Austrians rally behind him until the end.This is something that history specialists couldn't discover from any antecedent who could have done or approached what Adolf Hitler did in spite of being denounced as the war attacker and an overbearing tyrant executing 6 million Jews during his rule. However notwithstanding all these, much have been said and expounded on Adolf Hitler who has all the option to be a symbol chief of the twentieth century. For this reason, Lee Kuan Yew is picked to have less effect among these two best pioneers. Lee Kuan Yew’s accomplishment, however just included Singapore’s advancement, has additionally become a feature to the world.Finally, rehashing what Lee Kuan Yew bestow ed (not the specific words), â€Å"An powerful pioneer is the person who can be dispensable† which implies on the off chance that you have left your domain or space without anyone ready to assume control over it, at that point you are not a decent pioneer. Driving is a consistent force whether you are there or someone assumes control from you. WORKS CITED Chen, Peter C. (2012) Munich Conference and the Annexation of Sudetenland: 29 Sep 1938 †10 Oct 1938. World War II Database [Data File]. Recovered from http://ww2db. com/battle_spec. hp? battle_id=87 Gordon, Uri (n. d. ) . Machiavelli's Tiger: Lee Kuan Yewâ and Singapore's Authoritarian Regime. Recovered from http://www. scribd. com/doc/38148245/Lee-Kuan-Yew Adolf Hitler. (2012) History Learning Site. Recovered from http://www. historylearningsite. co. uk/adolf_hitler. htm Loh, Kai H. (May, 2011). Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy. Mythical beasts and Tigers: An East Asian Perspective. Recovered from http://www. globalconver sation. organization/2011/05/15/lee-kuan-yews-heritage Noakes, Jeremy. ( 2011). The Rise of Adolf Hitler.Retrieved from http://www. bbc. co. uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/hitler_01. shtml Hitler, Adolf (2011). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Recovered April 14, 2012, from http://www. account. com/individuals/adolf-hitler-9340144 Harkavy, Michael D. ed. (1996) Adolf Hitler. The New Illustrated Home Reference Guide ( p. 499) Trident Press International, Canada: New Webster’s International Encyclopedia (print). Yew, Lee K. (2010). Recognized Fellow: Lee Kuan Yew. Recovered from http://www. lkyspp. nus. edu. sg/Faculty_Lee_Kuan_Yew. aspx

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Juan Gines de Sepulveda and Bartolome de Las Casas essays

Juan Gines de Sepulveda and Bartolome de Las Casas papers At the point when Columbus found the New World, he detailed that the occupants, albeit clever, had no noteworthy weapons. Thusly, they could be effortlessly vanquished and oppressed. The Indians were should have been workers for the Spaniards as they continued looking for gold in the New World. Their concealment of the Indians was advocated to European pioneers on two grounds: (a) their work was required so as to get gold and other riches; (b) they were savage individuals who might be remunerated by being offered access to a further developed religion. This started the triumphs and the demolition of a progress. It likewise achieved the discussion of human rights and the humanized treatment of different races. Philosophical conversations happened, and these two articles are a prominent case of the thoughts and convictions that were pondered. The complexity between these two verifiable records is very obvious. To discover the likenesses, one needs to look through somewhat more profound. Bartolome de Las Casas was an evangelist/cleric and known as a protector of the mistreated. Juan Gines de Sepulveda was a noticeable and persuasive Spanish rationalist of the sixteenth century. The two men lectured their suppositions about the occupants of the New World, anyway their thoughts were as various as night and day. Their impression of the local occupants defined their contradicting sees on how the Spaniards should treat them. The most evident distinction between the two creators is that Sepulveda barely cares about the Native Americans, while Las Casas thought of the Indians as individuals with potential to do extraordinary things. They simply required a little assistance and direction from the Europeans. Sepulveda accepted that the Spanish reserved a privilege to control the new world since they were predominant. He expresses that the Spaniards were astute, gifted, empathetic, and strict. He marked the Indians with so much terms as savages, man-eaters, killers, and quitters. Sepulveda bought in to the Aristotelian progressive th... <!

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Why the First Year of Smoking Cessation Is So Important

Why the First Year of Smoking Cessation Is So Important Addiction Nicotine Use After You Quit Print Why the First Year of Smoking Cessation Is So Important By Terry Martin facebook twitter Terry Martin quit smoking after 26 years and is now an advocate for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. Learn about our editorial policy Terry Martin Updated on April 09, 2019 wpohldesign/digital vision vectors/Getty Images More in Addiction Nicotine Use After You Quit How to Quit Smoking Nicotine Withdrawal Smoking-Related Diseases The Inside of Cigarettes Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Coping and Recovery As much as wed all like to quit smoking and be free of nicotine addiction within a few weeks, it just doesnt work that way. It is possible to change the relationship we had with cigarettes and know that well never smoke again soon after quitting, but we still have to do the work of breaking down the years of habit weve built up around nicotine addiction. The only way out is through. Most of us spent decades smoking and have developed hundreds (if not thousands) of links between tobacco and everything in our lives, from the smallest to the biggest. We sure feel it early on in cessation too, when every thought and action reminds us of smoking. We wonder if well ever truly be free of tobacco because it feels like that pull to feed the addiction will never go away. Take heart. The ties that bind us can absolutely be broken...permanently. It takes some time, but not all that much when you think about how many years most of us spent smoking. A Year of Firsts I always tell folks to devote the entire first year to healing from nicotine addiction. All of it. Does that mean youll be miserable for a whole year? No, but it does mean that it takes that long to move through the majority of activities and events in our daily lives that trigger thoughts of smoking. Some smoking triggers will let go easily and some will be tenacious, but can  all  be reprogrammed with time and practice.   So, what are we talking about when we refer to firsts? Just about everything. There is the first long drive or plane ride without smoking. The first smoke-free vacation. The first presentation, meeting or performance without smoking. The first argument managed without a cigarette, and the first smoke-free day of yard work without smoke breaks. From daily living to seasonal events, we have to go through those firsts to get through them. The Seasons of the First Smoke-Free Year Maneuvering through year one also involves dealing with triggers that are related to specific seasons and the events (and emotions) that are tied to them. Think Thanksgiving or the annual office holiday party. Triggers can surprise us when we participate in hobbies or activities that are seasonal too, like gardening or skiing. Even doing the annual taxes can be thought of as seasonal and produce triggers to smoke. I was 8 months into cessation when I experienced a seasonal craving. It was my first smoke-free summer and while painting a room for the first time since quitting, I was surprised to find that all I could think about was lighting up every time I took a break. It was uncomfortable, in part because it had been months since Id had a craving to smoke, but also because the urge to smoke was strong. It scared me a little - I felt blindsided. Once I got through that first day of painting smoke-free though, that particular trigger was cleared and never returned. And that is how it works: we have to practice smoke-free life in order to change those ingrained associations. We cant rewire the circuitry until the trigger presents itself. Once it does and we deal with it, the trigger either melts away or weakens, depending on the strength of the particular emotion/association. Going Through it to Get Through it Once we make our way through the first calendar year of smoking cessation, 99 percent of the associations weve built up over the years will have been faced down and restructured into healthier coping mechanisms. There may be a trigger or two that still rears its head every once in a while or the very occasional trigger that comes at some point for all of us when we suffer a loss or other life-changing event. For the most part, though, a year is enough to retrain the links to tobacco we spent so much time setting in place. Well have developed the mental muscle to cope with the rare ones we havent yet experienced as well.? Not a bad deal, when you think about it. With a healthy mindset and the willingness to heal the habits that are associated with smoking, a year is about all thats needed to set a foundation that will comfortably support you for the rest of your smoke-free life. Spend some time reading the one-year smoke-free milestone accounts here. Youll quickly see that the majority of them have a common theme of gratitude for the freedom from addiction they now enjoy.  While many will tell you its hard work, none of them ever say its not worth it.   Keep in mind that we reach that one year mark by living our smoke-free lives just one day at a time. If you are early in your quit program and looking that far ahead is too intimidating, dont do it. Just know that healing from nicotine addiction takes time. Relax into your quit and vow to take each smoke-free day as it comes. It will serve you well.

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Describe and discuss the basic principles of the evolutionary psychology perspective of personality. Apply these to mate selection Free Essay Example, 2000 words

This is because a woman has only one chance at a time to give birth to a child. According to Bagchi (2010), the nine-month epoch taken for the child to be born compels a woman to make the correct choice at first instance. This entails the selection of a man she perceives to be having the correct genes. The genes sought by women include natural intelligence and attractive physical attributes of the men. The other principle is related to the first principle. It stipulates that the introduction of pills led to a change in the manner in which women handle sex. In this respect, women started being insensitive to the aspect of pregnancy because the pills controlled pregnancy. According to Buss (2009), the pills used by the women prevent the occurrence of fertilization of the ovum. As a result, pregnancy is prevented. The pills used may also lead to death in case they are overused. This notwithstanding, women are still alive to the importance of choosing the correct life partner. The partner sought must be able to cater for the welfare of the child. We will write a custom essay sample on Describe and discuss the basic principles of the evolutionary psychology perspective of personality. Apply these to mate selection or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The next principle is that men take the advantage of not getting pregnant to sire bastard children. This is partly because there is no cost incurred in the whole exercise. However, many men fear being blameable fathers given the standing and reverence attributed to responsible father in society. The fact that men are naturally not able to carry pregnancies makes some men irresponsible to an extent of siring children out of wedlock without recourse (Cassell, 2009). This has led to moral decadence and disregard of morals and ethical standards in society. Another principle is that men do not incur much cost in siring children. This leaves the burden of rearing children for women. This makes the women to be keen in their selection of male partners. The other principle is that men are only attracted to beautiful women. Beauty is relative given that in this case it refers to the symmetry of the facial features of the ladies. This has culminated in plastic surgery and other extreme practices for the women. These extreme practices usually have side-effects to the women who use them. This notwithstanding, women persist in using these cosmetic methods to improve on their looks. For instance, plastic surgery has long-term effects on the complexion of women. Men associate beauty wit health of a woman. This is also correlated to a woman’s future ability to survive pregnancy and eventually bear children. The other principle of evolution psychology is that men who are gay are usually focused on good looks.

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French Food Vocabulary La Nourriture

Whether youre traveling in Europe or just going out to a local French restaurant, food is one of the necessities of life. The French love la nourriture (literally, the food), and talking about it is one of the most common topics of French conversations. The Language of Food French food vocabulary terms are listed together with their English translations. Click on the links to bring up sound files that will allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of each word or phrase. Note that unlike in English, French food terms are generally preceded by an article such as le (the) or un (a). Where appropriate, the English translation of the term is preceded by an indication of the gender of the word, either female (f) or male (m). So, learn the terms and then Bon  appà ©tit! (Enjoy your meal!) General Terms la nourriture  foodavoir faim  to be hungrymanger  to eatdà ©jeuner  to have breakfast or lunchdà ®ner  to have dinner Meals le repas  mealle petit-dà ©jeuner  breakfastle dà ©jeuner  lunchle dà ®ner  dinnerle goà »ter snack Dishes le hors dÅ“uvre, lentrà ©e  appetizer *la soupe, le potage  souple plat principal  Ã‚  main coursela salade  saladle dessert  dessert * In American English, entrà ©e refers to the main course, but in French, the term only indicates an appetizer. Places la cuisine  kitchen, cookingla salle à   manger  dining roomle restaurant  restaurant Miscellaneous Terms la confiture jamle croissant  croissantla farine  flourles frites  frieslhuile dolive (f)  olive oilla mayonnaise  mayonnaisela moutarde  mustardun Å“uf, des Å“ufs  egg, eggsle pain  breadle pain grillà ©Ã‚  toastles pà ¢tes  pastale poivre  pepperle riz  ricela sauce  sauce, dressing, gravyle sel  saltle sucre  sugar Fruits le  fruit  fruitun  abricot  apricotun  ananas  pineappleune  banane  bananaune  cerise  cherryun  citron  lemonun  citron  vert  limeune  fraise  strawberryune  framboise  raspberryune  mà »re  blackberryune  myrtille  blueberryune  orange  orangeun  pamplemousse  grapefruitune  pastà ¨que  watermelonune  pà ªche  peachune  poire  pearune  pomme  appleune  prune  plumun  raisin  grape Vegetables un  là ©gume  vegetableun  artichaut  artichokeles  asperges  (f)  asparagusune  aubergine  eggplantla  carotte  carrotle  cà ©leri  celeryle  champignon  mushroomle  chou-fleur  cauliflowerle  concombre  cucumberles  Ãƒ ©pinards  (m)  spinachun  haricot  beanla  laitue  lettuceun  oignon  onionle  maà ¯s  cornles  petits pois  (m)  peasla  pomme de terre  potatole  radis  radishla  tomate  tomato Meats la viande  meatlagneau (m)  lambles anchois (m)  anchoviesle bifteck  steakla dinde  turkeyles escargots (m) snailsle jambon  hamle lapin  rabbitle poisson  fishle porc  porkle poulet  chickenle rosbif  roast beefle saucisson  sausagele veau  veal Dairy le  babeurre  buttermilkle  beurre  butterla  crà ¨me  creamla  crà ¨me fraà ®che  very thick, slightly sour creamle  fromage  cheesele  fromage  blanc  cream cheesela  glace  ice creamle  lait  milkle  yaourt  yogurt Desserts le  dessert  dessertle  biscuit  cookieles  bonbons  candyle  chocolat  chocolatela  crà ¨me  brà »là ©e  custard with burnt sugar toppingla  crà ¨me  caramel  flanle  fromage  cheeseles  fruits  (m)  fruitle  gà ¢teau  cakela  glace  ice creamla  mousse au chocolat  chocolate moussela  tarte  piela  vanille  vanilla

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The Spiritual Awakening - 1265 Words

The idea of salvation or having an awakening moment of one’s spirit is something that is different for every individual. Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"Good Country People† and â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† demonstrates how a person can be brought to their redemption by unlikely characters. Hulga, from â€Å"Good Country People,† goes from being a woman who states to believe in nothing, to a woman who loses everything and is left at a place of confusion. The grandmother from â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† is similar to Hulga in that she also loses everything in order to find her faith. Although both Hulga and the grandmother seem to have their own strong belief systems, they each go through different experiences and eventually find their salvation in the characters they were least expecting. Hulga, the protagonist of â€Å"Good Country People,† is presented as an intelligent woman with a troubled, weak heart, who is also f acing many personal challenges. When Hulga was a young girl, her leg was shot off in a hunting accident, resulting in Hulga being very attached to her artificial, wooden leg. Hulga, formerly named Joy, changed her name to what her mother considered to be â€Å"the ugliest name in any language† (â€Å"Good Country† 440). However, by doing so, Hulga removed any hope of her finding her own sense of joy or happiness. Hulga went to college and received a Ph. D. in Philosophy which has lead her into her nihilistic beliefs and the false concept that she knows everything. She has a veryShow MoreRelatedMeditation On The Spiritual Awakening Essay724 Words   |  3 Pagesthe negative effects of stress, but also leads to a better sense of well-being by uniting mind and body. this fact has been proven scientifically many years ago. Meditation is helpful to get the spiritual awakening, which led to the end of all kinds of evil situations. For achieving spiritual awakening and its initiative results of eliminating depression and stress, people now have access to an ideal meditation course because they are throughout the world. Qualified and experienced leaders conductRead MoreThe Spiritual Movement : The Great Awakening1468 Words   |  6 PagesThe spiritual movement called The Great Awakening, beginning in 1734, depicts the reality of the Holy Spirit: that He is alive, active and moving within the church. Said to be started by Johnathan Edwards and George Whitefield, this movement began, then took hold of Massachusetts, then Connecticut. In all, thirteen of the colonies would be impacted by the zeal of this movement. Sermons focusing on conversion and being born-again gave way to many having a relationship with Jesus Christ. In theirRead MoreSpiritual Awakening Essay examples1553 Words   |  7 PagesI’d like to state the most obvious observation that I’ve made about spiritual formation; that is tha t I will always need to be seeking for ways to nurture my personal spirituality throughout my life. I know that to most people this may sound like a â€Å"duh† statement, but for me it has truly become a reality and one that I must admit I have been struggling to embrace. I was brought up in a church that, like most traditional churches, stayed happy living in the â€Å"comfort zone† of their Christianity. TheyRead MoreSpiritual Awakening By Flannery O Connor1479 Words   |  6 Pages Spiritual Awakening in Flannery O’Connor: â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† In the story â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† by Flannery O’Connor, spirituality and grace is the underlying theme as much of her works reveals. Without this premise most of her work would be impossible to interpret and understand. With her Christian background at the forefront, the reader can interpret and synthesis her story out rightly. In life’s spiritual journey it often takes a personal crisis to awaken the spiritual sensesRead MoreThe Case For Reparations : A Moral And Spiritual Awakening1684 Words   |  7 Pagesa monetary basis will not suffice, and is stripping from it the aspect of humanity. Their freedom to live was snatched with slavery and socioeconomic mobility was taken from them with the advent of laws that imposed segregation. A moral and spiritual awakening must occur in the United States, where we stop hiding from our tarnished past and actually make the effort to learn from the mistakes of our past. The underlying issue is that there is a n eed for a cultural shift in society today. While we allRead MoreEssay on The Death of Ivan Ilyich: Spiritual Awakening861 Words   |  4 Pages The Death of Ivan Ilyich:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Spiritual Awakeningnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; He went to his study, lay down, and once again was left alone with it. Face to face with It, unable to do anything with It. Simply look at It and grow numb with horror (Tolstoy, 97). Death takes on an insidious persona as it eats away at Ivan Ilyich, a man horrified at the prospect of losing his life. Even more horrifying is the realization that despite his prominence and prosperity asRead More7 Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening800 Words   |  4 Pages 7 Signs You May Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening The Signs of Spiritual Awakening the Importance of Self-knowledge Metamorphosis. Like a caterpillar changing into a colourful butterfly, a person who is going through the stages of an awakening will have a colourful and more meaningful life. As a person going through a spiritual awakening, you will undergo a deeper and higher level of self-knowledge and self-awareness. You will become more mindful of your life experiences and the lessonsRead MoreThe Impact Of Kundalini Energy On The Body Responsible For The Process Of Spiritual Awakening1137 Words   |  5 Pagesresponsible for the process of spiritual awakening itself. In India, the name used for this discovery was â€Å"Kundalini.† On the physical level, Kundalini exists as a metabolic system whose purpose is to upgrade the brain and to elevate it to higher forms of consciousness. Kundalini energy is an accompaniment to psychic changes – that is, to new perspectives and patterns of consciousness (Clarke, 2014). Bonnie Greenwell a 35 years old Ph.D. that have followed spiritual practices, and since 1983 I haveRead MoreThe First Great Awakening By George Whitefield1709 Words   |  7 PagesThe First Great Awakening As stated by one of the fathers of the First Great Awakening, George Whitefield â€Å"True conversion means turning not only from sin but also from depending on self-made righteousness. Those who trust in their own righteousness for conversion hide behind their own good works. This is the reason that self-righteous people are so angry with gospel preachers, because the gospel does not spare those who will not submit to the righteousness of Jesus Christ!† ( TheRead MoreThe Great Awakening : A Revitalization Of Religious Piety That Swept Through American Colonies1102 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The Great Awakening† A revitalization of religious piety that swept through American colonies during the 1730-1770 was known as the Great Awakening. Christian life was of real importance to the North American colonists. And yet, during the eighteenth century, the Great Awakening can be described in several areas of religious revivals history. This was a schism that was made more acute by the enormous Pietistic wave. While reviewing the Great Awakening, if understanding correctly, it focuses

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16th century Renaissance Essay Example For Students

16th century Renaissance Essay Century Renaissance Art The 16th Century renaissance started in the sasss and ended in the sasss. The art of the 16th Century Renaissance was both spiritual and worldly. The 16th Century Renaissance is when two very important art movements took place, High Renaissance and Mannerism. Everyone was starting to take an interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. (The History Channel Website) They were many artist geniuses who emerged out of this art era. There were also many, grand art pieces that emerged out of this art era. At the beginning of the 16th century the High Renaissance had started. This was also the time when Rome replaced Florence as an art epicenter. The High Renaissance is also when artist become aware of lines and depth in their artwork. This led to the discovery and the use of the one point perspective. The High Renaissance artists became famous for putting windows of what is behind the horizon in the background of their artworks. The High Renaissance represented artists who wanted to do art their own way. The high Renaissance started in 1480 and continued on to about 1527. The high Renaissance as in Milan, Florence, Rome, and in northern and central Italy. (Shelley Essay) This was the time to be an artist because everyone who was wealthy wanted art. Their many artist of this time frame, but the most famous artists are Michelangelo Bonaparte, Raphael Sansei and Leonardo ad Vinci. (Art Cyclopedia) After the High Renaissance ended the Mannerism movement came about. It came about in the sasss and ended around the sasss. Mannerism was known for its formulaic, theatrical and overly stylized work. Mannerism art pieces are usually pieces of human forms in unrealistic settings. Mannerism is also known for its much limitation. This is also the time that women start being used as muses for artists. (Art Cyclopedia) It developed in Florence and Rome and then spread to northern and central Europe. Paintings contained artificial color and unrealistic spatial proportions. Figures were often elongated and exaggerated, the poses were creative and complex poses. Works of the movement are often unsettling and strange because of the Reformation, the plague, and the sack of Rome. The History Channel Website) There were a lot of important artist who emerged from this period, but the most famous artist would be Leonardo Ad Vinci. Leonardo De Vinci was born in 1452, in Florence and died in 1519 in France. He was an artist and inventor. He is known as the Renaissance Man because he was an inventor, scientist, sculptor, and a great artist. Ad Vinci had many famous works. One of his most famous w orks is the Last Supper (1495-98). The last supper is a painting of the last meal Jesus shared with his apostles. It also shows Jesus isolated, four groups of threes and Judas in the shadows clutching money. The History Channel Website) Another famous piece by Ad Vinci as the Mona Lisa(1 503-05), which is a painting of a woman. This painting would be an example of Mannerism art. Ad Vinci was also famous for the The Virgin of the Rocks (1485). Some other great artists were Michelangelo Bonaparte (1475-1564), and Raphael Sansei(1483-1 520). Michelangelo was famous for painting the Sistine Chapel ((1508-12) and sculpting the David in his native Florence (1501-04). Raphael Sansei was famous for the The School of Athens (1508-11). The School of Athens shows philosophers such as Pluto coming together. Another great artist of 16th Century was Titan Meeting of Bacchus and Ordained (1 522), he was famous for using rich luminous colors. (The History Channel Website) One of the most important art pieces of the 16th Century Renaissance was the Sistine Chapel (1508-04) architecture. The Sistine Chapel took a period of four years to paint. It was painted by Michelangelo Bonaparte. The Sistine Chapel is a painting of a few scenes of Genesis, from the bible. One of the scenes was the Creation of Adam. 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(The New World Encyclopedia) Another important art piece or architecture of the 16th Century Renaissance was the SST. Peter Cathedral in Rome. The old SST. Peter Cathedral was constructed in honor of the apostle SST. Peter, the first bishop and first Pope. The original was constructed by Constantine. The SST. Peter Cathedral in Rome was to be renovated, ordered by Pope Julius II. During its renovation it was directed more towards a Latin style but, then